Fun, Personalized Programming Classes
for Students Aged 8-13

Equip your kids with valuable coding skills and watch them thrive in
school and life with our fun and engaging coding classes

Why should I join? 🚀

Visual Programming 💻

Our classes use Scratch, a fun visual programming language, to introduce important coding concepts to your child and help them create their own animations, games and digital stories.

Personalized Support by Expert Tutors

Our brilliant tutors are experts at understanding your child’s needs – they’ll create a personalized learning plan to help them overcome any challenges and master coding concepts with ease.

Coding Time is Fun Time 🎊

Your child will be coding like a pro in no time as they enjoy and learn with the popular Minecraft game and our original gamified teaching materials.

How Do I Enroll?

Signup at to access our
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Fill out the form: It's quick and easy - just provide
some basic information about your child.

We'll take care of the rest! Once you submit the form,
we'll be in touch to confirm your child’s spot and answer any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the classes live or pre-recorded?
The classes are live and offer your child the opportunity to have a real time interaction with a professional tutor.
Which age range do you cover?
We cover kids from 5 years upwards and across the key stages (Key stage 1 to Key Stage 4)
Which accessories do I need for the classes?
Basically, you need a Tablet/Laptop with a strong internet connection for the best experience.
Which exams do you prepare kids for?
We prepare learners in the Uk for diverse exams including 11+, SAT, 13+, GCSE(AQA, EDEXCEL & OCR) and A-Levels.
Which resources do you use for your exam preps?
Generally, we use Bond and CGP materials for the key stages, while we also use school based resources for the entrance exams, and tailored past papers for GCSE.
Which subjects do you cover?
We cover Math, English, Science, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning for Key stage 1 and 2, while we cover all major subjects for Key stage 3 and GCSE.
What is the rate of your classes?
£10 per hour for key stage 1 to 2 and £12 per hour for GCSE
Need Help?
We’re available to answer your questions and support your onboarding process.
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