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What parents say about Gradely


Newport Southwales, UK

Mayokun looks forward to every class with her tutors. I will say she is now more confident in reading big grammars, 100% in English, and 80% in math.

Newport Southwales, UK

I would say there's been a 50% improvement for both English and math, and the teachers are really great. Their patience with Fikayo's excesses is commendable. I appreciate them.

Lagos, Nigeria

Alexandra used to struggle with Mathematics, but after a few sessions with her Gradely tutor. We have seen a great improvement in her performance in Mathematics.

Lagos, Nigeria

It's been very help to my child's school. It made learning interesting, something she always look forward to; and most importantly the illustrations make her learn faster and understand deeper.

Lagos, Nigeria

The gradely app is child friendly and very relatable. My child has greatly improved in science because of the app.

Lagos, Nigeria

My daughter that is preparing for common entrance has been using the Gradely app and she testified that her teacher told her that she really improved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my child need to use Gradely?
All you need to get started is a computer or tablet that has access to the internet.
Which age range do you cover?
We cover kids from 5 years upwards and across the key stages (Key stage 1 to Key Stage 4)
Which accessories do I need for the classes?
Basically, you need a Tablet/Laptop with a strong internet connection for the best experience.
Which exams do you prepare kids for?
We prepare learners in the Uk for diverse exams including 11+, SAT, 13+, GCSE(AQA, EDEXCEL & OCR) and A-Levels.
Which resources do you use for your exam preps?
Generally, we use Bond and CGP materials for the key stages, while we also use school based resources for the entrance exams, and tailored past papers for GCSE.
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We’re available to answer your questions and support your onboarding process.

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